Colouring life

Difficult to concentrate on anything at the moment with all the conflict and trouble in Ukraine, so I rounded up everything that needed dyeing. It takes days to wind skeins of thread, dye fabric and thread, wash it, dry it, iron it, and unwind all the skeins, but it’s worth the effort.

Pile of newly-dyed fabrics and thread wound into little balls

Most of this is vintage linen/cotton, and the threads are mostly new and vintage crochet cottons. I find they work well as hand embroidery threads.

They look delicious don’t they? Like a box of chocolates

I prefer my threads wound into balls like this rather than wrapped onto thread cards. I don’t like the creases you get when you wind onto cardboard bobbins.

Difficult to get decent greens with procion but I’m happy with these

There is a lot of fabric here. There always seems to be more than I think there is, and it seems to last forever. This is a Good Thing. Some of it will find its way into the shop eventually.

Stitch doodling

It rained a lot today. I spent my lunch hour road-testing some of the threads while the frogs hopped around on the patio. I have plans for some new work, which I will start at some point. I still have a couple of ongoing things to finish first. I added this one to the shop this week:

Make a Wish

It was originally the sleeve of a coat that I was never going to finish but then it took on a life of its own. It seemed to find its own time, as these things do.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

11 thoughts on “Colouring life”

  1. and now I understand that softly nuanced thread at the end of January … that it was dyed by your hand … and here, the box of your threads, the stacks of your cloth … wondrous stuff …

    1. Yes, I really like hand dyed thread. I enjoy the unpredictability of the colour changes.

  2. Yes, the threads do look delicious. Trying to keep my eyes in the boat, as it were, but as you say, so easy to get wound up and bothered at the moment.

    1. So much conflict and uncertainty. I can’t imagine packing a bag and leaving my home, not knowing if or when I might return. It must be beyond terrifying.

  3. Karen! My goodness, you’re back! I was having a mooch through trying to find more blogs to follow and I thought I recognised the style. I see I’m about a year out of sync but I’ll catch up. Great to see you again.

    1. Amanda how lovely to see you here 😍 Yes, ha, back like a bad penny, couldn’t stay away. I found I missed my blog and it’s good to be back.

    1. Oh poor you, migraines are horrible – feel better soon. Thanks for making me laugh though with the perfectly phrased ‘beyond impolite’ 🙂 I drool over it myself sometimes. As you say, not literally!

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