Klee sketchbook cover

I finished my painted/stitched version of Klee’s painting ‘Clarification’, which is part of the cover for a sketchbook. I’m fascinated by that solid line across the lower third, which also features in the original painting, and somehow ties the whole thing together. I decided though that this is going to be the back cover, not … Continue reading “Klee sketchbook cover”


One of the perks that comes with working at a university is free access to an academic library, and last week I found this: You can read it free online, actually, but I prefer books to be on paper. I like leafing through pages and don’t like scrolling up and down a screen. It was … Continue reading “Immersion”

A play day with Klee

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who has purchased fabric and thread – it’s now all on its way to you. I hope it arrives soon and that you can do something lovely with it. I’m back in the day job from tomorrow so I’m having a little me time today, working (playing) in … Continue reading “A play day with Klee”

Fabrics and threads

The shop is now stocked with a selection of hand-dyed fabrics and threads. There will be more at some point – lots more, if I ever get to give up the day job…


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