May: stitch journal

Another month gone, and another 31 blocks on the stitch journal.

31 days of May

Time is flying. There is really not much more to say about that.

Summer colours
Hand-dyed threads, simple stitches

I ended with a square for no-mow May. We did this last year too but this year seems to have brought lots more buttercups and daisies, the prettiest of flowers.

No-mow May

I like the way we stand between, sometimes – between day and night, between the old month and the new. Standing still for a moment, to look back and then ahead. A bit like pausing before crossing a road. So onwards, into June:

Goodbye May, hello June

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

8 thoughts on “May: stitch journal”

  1. my dad was a huge fan of not mowing … drove my mom crazy (as in “what will the neighbors think?”), so she convinced him to limit his non-mowing to “ecology patches”

    1. Ha! We only do the no-mow thing with a short/narrow strip of lawn – our garden isn’t big enough for much more than that. I like the wild flowers.

  2. I love looking at your stitch journal and am thinking of doing it starting in June–oops–that is tomorrow! We have a field of buttercups and blue camas at out house–we live on 5 acres on an island in Washington State USA. Thanks for posting

    1. Oh lovely, I hope you do 🙂 I wish we had a few acres between us and our neighbours!

  3. They’ve done a fab job of only strimming the minimum to make our junctions safe around here. They’re getting the hang of no mow May.

    1. Yes, I’ve found myself noticing more untrimmed grass verges too. Good to see.

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