To dye for

I had a few days off from the day job this week so at last had time to dye some fabric and thread. This has been on the to-do list for months.


Some for me, and some for you, eventually. There will be a shop update when I can get round to sorting these into groups.


While I was waiting for everything to dry, I made a cover for the little notebook I use for dye notes. I made the book many years ago, when I first started having a go at dyeing. I don’t record everything in it, as most of my dyeing is quite intuitive so colours are often not repeatable. There are other dyers out there producing set lines but I prefer the more individual approach.

Colour notes from 2007, handmade notebook A6 size
A6 notebook cover, fabric from Hipposinhats
Hand-dyed silk and cotton threads in action

I really like the colour test card. Accidental abstract art in action, I’m calling it.

Dye splodge colour test

Back to sorting and labelling threads…

Skeins of silk and cotton thread

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

8 thoughts on “To dye for”

    1. Yes, good to get things done. I underestimated how long this would take though – it’s going to use up my entire week of annual leave. Will be glad to get back to the day job for a rest!

    1. Thank you, it was lovely to work on. Pippa produces some really beautiful dyed/printed fabrics

  1. Your work is so pretty and soft but also looks very stable (like the color will stay fast) I live in an apartment and would like some suggestions about how to dye fabric in a small place that has carpeting! Also, what type of dye do you use? Do you have a tutorial somewhere? Thanks for sharing your beautiful expressions.

    1. Thank you 😊 Fabric dye and carpet is perhaps a bit of a recipe for disaster… probably the answer is lots of paper or dust sheets before you start. At some point I hope to give up the day job and then I will have the time to do lots of tutorials for all manner of things. I use procion mx fibre reactive dye and usually dye fabrics in small quantities in jars or bags, which helps to keep things tidy and contained. If you Google jar-dyeing or plastic bag dyeing then you should get some tips. I think you can dye in a microwave as well, but I don’t have one so have never tried that. The colour should be reasonably permanent if you soak the fabric first in a salt solution.

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