A good evening

On work days I settle down with the stitch journal in the evenings. I don’t mind the dark nights at all – actually I prefer night to be dark. I don’t get on well with the endlessly light summer evenings at all.

Box of threads and some cloth. What could be better?

There have been some golden days.

Hand dyed silk thread, autumn gold.

Today was a very rainy day.

A long day of rain. Hand dyed silk thread in grey/lilac

The purple day in between is rows of blanket stitch, also in silk thread.

Sometimes I like to look at the other side of the stitch journal. I really like the fact that this is just one piece of cloth, no lining or backing, so everything is visible: the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the loose ends.

The other side

There are some days that I’m glad to see the back of.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

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    1. Haha, no, nothing intentionally implied by the purple – though subconsciously it’s possible!

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