Another month on the stitch journal, recording the autumn days.

31 days of October

The weather is still unseasonably mild, which I find worrying. But weather is not the same as season, and the light is starting to change as we continue on our annual journey around the sun.

Days in October

31st October is Samhain in the pagan calendar and traditionally marks the start of winter. The days are so much shorter already but I enjoy the long dark nights. Just extra sewing time really; time to reflect and make plans.

November is stretching out ahead, its days already outlined.

November days ahead

I’m stitching on a vintage French metis (linen/cotton blend) bed sheet which had worn thin in places. I can see I will have to start the new month with some darning.

Threadbare days

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

8 thoughts on “October”

  1. love the close-up of your threadbare patches … which reminds me … I need to darn socks

    don’t know how I missed the stitching around most every box in the past … too fascinated by the stitches in the middle I suppose … thanks for your recent post that brought it to my attention

    1. Ha, yes I have socks to mend too, never seem to get round to it. Yes, I delineate the edges of each day with a simple whip stitch. I like the way the thread wraps around the perimeters.

    1. Thank you, it just happens on its own really. I don’t plan any of it and I try not to overthink it. A valuable lesson to self there I think – switch off brain and let the hands do whatever they like 🙂

    1. Thank you – yes, I’ve enjoyed working on it this year. Looking forward to those long winter evenings 🙂

    1. It really is. It was quite firm when I started in January but it’s softened beautifully with repeated handling

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