The end of a beginning

365 days.

Long cloth recording a long year

It measures 10” x 95”

Impossible to photograph effectively

950 square inches of hand embroidery.

Wrapped around a large industrial wooden bobbin

A record of time passing, days spent and gone. Each little block the shape of a unique moment, preserved for ever.

Summer days

It isn’t important to me that I remember what each day meant, or what happened when. It’s more meaningful overall as a visual record of time. The bigger picture. A piece of my life.

Last winter

A few of you are starting stitch journals of your own in 2023, and an enormous thank you if you’ve purchased and downloaded my template (here). I’ve created a Facebook group, Stitching Life Community, for hand-stitchers to chat, connect, share progress and best tips for hand-stitching. Type the group name into the Facebook search bar and you should find it. It’s a private group, so you need to apply for membership by answering a few (easy) questions. I’d love to see you there and follow your progress.

Sound on!

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

17 thoughts on “The end of a beginning”

    1. Yes, I’m doing it all again in 2023 🙂 Slightly different format. I’ll show you tomorrow. Happy stitching!

  1. I am so inspired by your piece. I made a large quilt last year, 286 four inch hand dyed (by me) squares with a circular design. No two exactly alike. I loved doing it and was looking for a new project. A friend sent me your link and I was hooked. I have ordered your template. I will be a little late starting, but I will catch up.
    Question, how did you finish it? It looks like you pillow cased it, leaving a narrow border. Did you put anything behind your fabric, like flannel?
    Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much, Norma, your quilt sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy the daily stitching. Mine is just a single layer of fabric – no lining or backing – with the edges turned under to prevent fraying.

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised – I did wonder what the whole thing would look like

  2. I’m so happy I found you online and have started the calendar with much enthusiasm. When not embroidering I am thinking of embroidery. SO funny.

    This will sound a bit nutsy – I absolutely LOVE your birdie pincushion and wonder where you got it.

    1. Thanks so much, Carla. I found birdie on eBay many years ago – they do come up for sale occasionally. He’s from the 1950s I think.

  3. I am just in awe of your work! I’ve only cross-stitched and this has inspired me to look up how to make the stitches. The rectangles and squares are so beautiful ❤️❗

    1. Thanks so much, Mary, that’s very kind. I’m just in the process of making an online course that shows you how to do the stitches I’ve used – I hope it will be ready to launch quite soon.

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