A short month but a full page:

Spots of time

Interesting how different the dynamic is when stitching round shapes as opposed to straight-edged ones.

February on the table

I like the space around the shapes, but I also like the full page of January. Just another way of seeing, I suppose, where neither is better nor worse than the other.

A few moments in early spring

Spring is growing louder here in this part of the northern hemisphere. It amazes me every year how life just comes back so easily, how nature wakes up after her winter snooze and immediately picks up the thread again. Spring is maybe just the other side of winter.

The other side of February

There is still a lot of the year left:

March, waiting

Next month will be windows.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

13 thoughts on “February”

  1. I very much like your variations on the outer edges … and the X boxes particularly caught my eye (not surprising with all the herringbone I’ve been stitching of late) … interesting how these organic forms have a greater

    sense of dimensionality compared to the boxed stitching … I’m looking forward to seeing how your picture window boxes come out

  2. Do we get to vote? I really like the teal blue one – the 15th? It looks like the center isn’t couched, but woven? (So many questions?)

    1. Thank you, it’s a kind of needle lace. There’s a short video of it in progress on my Instagram.

  3. Just stunning, you’ve created something really unique by combining some otherwise fairly basic stitches in a most imaginative way. The result is another original and beautiful month. I am so interested to see 2023 unfold!

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret. They are all very basic stitches. Their capacity for variety amazes me.

  4. Can’t decide which format I like better, just love it all! Super excited to see March’s windows.

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