back to work…

…after the second bank holiday weekend in a row. It’s probably done me some good to take a couple of days out, though time off isn’t quite the same when you get to do what you love for a living.

The more industrious corner of my work table doesn’t know about time so it’s still exactly as it was when I downed tools on Friday. I see now it needs dusting. Thread and fabric shed their fibres all the time.

You can also see a couple of beautifully smooth pebbles from a recent trip to the seaside. I was lucky enough to find a hag stone, a pebble with holes in it, which you can just see hanging above. It’s sometimes said that they find you. I love to marvel at how old these things are, how many millions of years they’ve been around. How much time they hold.

work, waiting for me to catch up

Also on the table, appropriately enough, is Marking Time II (and thank you, Dawn, for naming it). This is another long cloth pieced from hand-dyed vintage fabrics and stitched with motifs from ancient rocks and prehistoric marks on the land.

ancient hill forts, couched cotton yarn with simple stitch on hand-dyed linen

The beautiful lightweight cotton fabric in the section below is eco-printed by Jane Hunter and makes the perfect ground for some couched cup and ring marks. I will add more stitch, of course.

cup and ring marks in progress

Easing myself back into the working week, and hoping your week ahead is a good one.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

13 thoughts on “back to work…”

  1. I love the personality the hand dyed pieces add to your Piece..I’d like to try hand dying.

    1. I use Procion and the low immersion technique, which is quite easy – there are lots of tutorials and instructions online.

  2. I love the colors you get on hand dyed linen. The feel is so lovely. I really like the of embroidering ancient symbols. Your work is inspiring and gives me many ideas to think outside the box. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, yes, “Marking Time” is such a good name for it!
    Two bank holidays on the bounce do knock life a bit off balance – but I rather like the occasional discombobulations!

  4. love the hag stone “overseeing” your stitching … the stone holding millions of years, the rock art images holding thousands of years, and the stitches holding the record of our own all-too-brief lifetimes

    1. goodness, that’s deep when you put it like that! What an amazing thing life is.

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