Marking Time II

I think I’m calling this one finished today – apart from finding some sort of stick to hang it from and making a label for the back, both of which still need doing.

Marking Time II detail

I’ve enjoyed working on this one. It seems to have taken its own time, as all things do – a few minutes here and there, whenever we could sit down together. But these things happen, one stitch at a time, like putting one foot in front of the other. Just to keep going and see what happens. It’s always an adventure and a voyage of discovery. We always seem to get there in the end, wherever it is we’re supposed to be.

Marking Time II detail

I’ll show a picture of its full length when I’ve sorted out the hanging rod. It’s about 43″ long and about 9.5″ wide.

Marking Time II top

I really like the long narrow format; it strikes me as quite practical because it doesn’t take up too much wall space and is pretty easy to hang.

On my work table today

I also like how the ancient cup and ring marks translate so readily to stitch, and how universal these patterns are. There are circles everywhere in life.

Cloth with the sketch that started it

The summer solstice tomorrow – and there’s my northern hemisphere bias again, for which apologies – is another circle, another turn of the wheel. And so we continue, keeping on keeping on.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

24 thoughts on “Marking Time II”

  1. It’s extraordinarily hard to remember that the other side of the world is experiencing a completely different season, even when you have plenty to remind you of the fact!

    I like this piece. It rather reminds me of a bell-pull, in that long narrow format, and the patterns have translated very well into stitch!

    1. Yes, I find it utterly magical that somewhere in the world it’s winter right now, and also somewhere else it’s the middle of the night. Time is so slippery!
      And yes, I get the bell pull vibe too πŸ™‚

  2. That’s just beautiful. I too like circles, they’re so universal, fun to make and have an infinite variety. This is a very inspiring piece to me.

  3. I see mushrooms and new growth emerging from a forest floor in early spring. The calm, quiet and smell is wonderful!

    1. how interesting! I really like that. This is what I like most about more abstract marks – everyone sees something that means something to them.

  4. Such beautiful and inspiring work! I love to see what you are stitching!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Karen! I love the earth colours and of course your stitching…very organic. You are a master at what you do. I can’t wait to see the full length.

  6. Loving the colours, stitches and patterns. Your sketch would be fabulous framed too.

    1. oh that’s very kind, thank you. Just a little doodle really. A map, of sorts.

      1. Seriously, Karen. I would happily buy a print for my wall even a card. Just a thought (hint, wish).

  7. Gorgeous and inspiring! I’ve always been intrigued by petroglyphs and love your interpretation of ancient markings. Your fabric is perfect too, evocative of earth and stone. πŸ’œ

    1. thank you so much 😊 I find these designs so appealing, the marks seem to speak to something very ancient in us.

  8. I found myself happily scrolling back through the blog to see the becoming of Marking Time II … and wonder if you might consider putting a Search widget in your sidebar for future journeying

    1. WordPress widgets are mostly beyond me but I’ll have a look πŸ™‚

  9. This is simply gorgeous; I love the colors you chose to work with. The long narrow format is intriguing. Thank you for sharing so generously; from my perspective, it’s received as a real gift.

    1. thanks so much, Stephanie. I’ve been asked to make this available as a pattern so I’ll have a go at doing that.

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