Painting the land

Recently I rediscovered some work from a couple of years ago, from the pre-blog 100 Days of Winter series (all the pictures are buried on Instagram if you can be bothered to go back that far. 2019/20 I think it was). I sold some, gave some away, and still have a few left, which I’ve started reworking.

Work old and new, 4” square

I’m in the process of writing/creating an online course showing how to make these, and spent an engaging hour or so this morning experimenting with colouring some fabric scraps.

Painting some scraps

I’ve used watercolour, acrylic ink, and Dye-na-Flow fabric paints. An additional extra was accidentally creating some collage paper by using painted paper as a drop sheet.

Drop sheet collage paper
Blues and greens, land and sky
Sketchbook page with scraps

Still thinking it through. Learning all the time.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

13 thoughts on “Painting the land”

  1. Develop that on-line course and I will take it. These are really lovely. So many opportunities for ideas and design in these small pieces.

    1. thank you 😊 Yes, there’s probably infinite scope here – enough to keep anyone busy for quite a while

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you do decide to create an online course as I would definitely be interested!

    1. They seem to keep coming whether I want them to or not… I have a hundred things in my head and one pair of hands. Never enough!

  3. I have a friend here in Saskatoon who makes prairie landscape postcards and small work. She starts with fabric and then uses machine and hand stitches to fill in. I love your English version of them.

    1. lovely! Absolutely, these little scenes are very versatile and can be made to represent any terrain or environment. I used to make these as postcards too, many years ago when I was still using the sewing machine.

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