Probably my favourite colour, which is just as well because this is all very green indeed. Curiously, my camera doesn’t seem to like it and refuses to accurately render the colours. I can only say it’s much nicer in real life. Textiles are notoriously difficult to photograph in any case because of the way they hold and reflect light.

I’m starting to add some hedgerows between the fields, with silk boucle and various textured yarns. Just couching along the seams. I tried a few colonial and French knots but had to unpick most of them. You wouldn’t see that much detail from that high up, I don’t think.

As usual, simpler is better, and the textured yarns seem to be holding the lines ok on their own.

box of luscious textures with Valdani perle 12 threads

I’ve layered the patchwork over a piece of brushed cotton (cotton flannel) and backed it with an old hand-dyed cotton tablecloth, with the outer edges turned in over the mid layer so that the irregular edges of the patchwork will sit on the surface. Technically it’s a quilt, having three layers, but the brushed cotton is less dimensional than wadding (batting).

on the edge

I’m finding it difficult to get myself motivated at present, with the house move looming (though we still have no dates yet), so stitching hedgerows is quite a nice soothing activity for these uncertain days.

patchwork fields

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

14 thoughts on “Green”

  1. It’s beautiful! My parents live near Driffield, and it reminds me of the drive from the station to their village.

    1. ha yes, I grew up in Bridlington so I know the area well. The countryside is very beautiful around there.

  2. I’m enjoying following your progress with this lovely project. The fabrics are lovely, have a vintage look to them. Beautiful !

  3. Blessings to you and thoughts for healing also. Your posts always uplift me.

    1. yes, the boucle is working ok so far. I thought of you when I was trying to capture the right greens – I recalled your suggestion to place something of the complementary colour in the frame, which usually does help. When even that didn’t work I gave up 😄 I blame the poor light, caused by all this rain.

  4. I did similar aerial views of our villages valley in 2016, it was very effective. It was a project I did whilst in the Open Studios. No idea what happened to it!

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