Progress but slow

In the UK when you buy a house, it’s all very exciting at first but then there are weeks and weeks where nothing happens. The buyer’s and seller’s solicitors are all busy doing land searches, drawing up contracts, and asking each other questions. In the meantime you can’t do anything because there aren’t any dates for exchanging contracts or actually moving. Until contracts are exchanged, the buyer or seller can change their minds and withdraw at any point. It’s quite stressful even before you start packing.

So, for now, it’s a question of being stoical, trying to keep calm, and carrying on.

This doesn’t look any different, despite hours of work. Another case of art reflecting life.

hedges in progress

It is actually quite calming.

hedges and boundaries

I made a repeat pattern based on the fields and sampled it on a little zipper pouch from my RedBubble shop:

zipper pouch

As a result of seeing it in real life I tweaked that weird wedge-shaped field/hedge and re-uploaded, so the current design looks slightly different. Better, I think.

fields design – lots of choice

Maybe next week there might be some news…

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

8 thoughts on “Progress but slow”

  1. We’ve done both extremes; buying this place was as straightforward as it gets, no chains, no fuss, and then there was me having to sell my father’s small farm in the midst of disagreements over probate and other family clashes… shudder… looks at the calming fields instead and thinks how lovely the couched hedgerows are…

    1. Ah, that sounds very stressful, on top of a bereavement too… Ours is (or should be!) quite straightforward, but it’s just the waiting that’s becoming a bit frustrating. If it all goes according to plan then it will be just fine, eventually. In the meantime I’ll join you and look at the fields 🙂

      1. The only positive about probate taking so long to sort out was that several years had passed before we could even think about selling. It was a long time ago but it still makes me twitch to think about. Sending positive thoughts that yours goes smoothly.

  2. I recall that our solicitor was driven almost to distraction by the incompetence displayed by his opposite number. It’s not an easy process at all. Sending encouraging thoughts!

    1. thank you 🙂 The buyer’s solicitor seems to be a lot slower (and possibly more pedantic) than ours and our seller’s. I guess they all have to justify their enormous fees… It all feels like a very archaic and overly-complicated process.

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