A little embroidery

I made a small sample of embroidery for my 19th-century-style sampler book, based on patterns drawn by 19th-century designer Sarah Bland. You can see more of her designs at the V and A Collections here.

Small sample, about 3″ x 4″, silk and cotton thread on silk fabric

I am no expert embroiderer but I should do more of it because it’s enjoyable and very satisfying. I found that using two colours in one needle gave a nice variegated effect on the daisies (grey with white) and the French knots (red and apricot).

next time I will use a less permanent pen to draw the pattern 🙂

I had a bit of left over hardanger fabric so I did a few random freestyle stitches.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

3 thoughts on “A little embroidery”

  1. I must say I rather like the bits of marker showing through … more to the point (ha), your choice of designs and the color blending with which you worked them feel both contemporary and very much of their time … the background silk is likewise very easy on the eyes … this is a wonderful addition to your sampler book

    1. Thank you 😊 Actually I don’t mind the marker pen showing up so much either, this is only a rough sample after all. Sarah Bland’s embroidery designs wouldn’t look at all out of place today, they are very pretty.

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