And that was July. I blinked and almost missed it. Just as well I had the stitch journal to keep me focused and present for at least some of it.

Stitch journal, July 2022

As always, it’s still made of mostly very simple stitches – running stitch, couching, blanket stitch, chain stitch, herringbone and fly. I’ve used a wide variety of threads, from very chunky perle no. 3 or 5 to very fine silk sewing thread. Some days are light as a feather, and some days really weigh you down.

Stitch journal, July (details)

Lots of summer colours in this month. Parts of July have been almost unbearable, it was so hot. The heat was suffocating.

Stitch journal, July (detail)

Summer is my least favourite season but I have tried to find something to love about each day. I think that’s what keeps most people going. And that’s all the stitch journal is ever going to be, of course. Just a record of days passing, with needle and thread as witness.

Stitch journal, July (detail)

Yesterday was World Embroidery Day (how do these things come about? Who decides?)

I turned yesterday’s block into a little embroidery sampler. It was that kind of day.

A sampler block on the stitch journal for World Embroidery Day

Tomorrow is 1st August, in the pagan calendar Lammas, which marks first harvest and the start of autumn. It may still feel like summer, but seasons and weather are not the same thing. Already I can see the light starting to change as nature prepares to move us from one season to the next. And there is space on the stitch journal to take another step forward into a new month.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

14 thoughts on “July”

  1. how apt to have a sampler within a sampler for World Embroidery Day … embroidery is a term I used long ago and am feeling the need to claim again … I wish I could convince myself to indulge in some crewel embroidery, but I watched so many pillows and chair covers get worn out back in the day that I am casting about for how best to apply it short of framing and hanging it on a wall

    1. Ha, yes. My mother and I used to enjoy watching Erica on Embroidery in the 70s and I have an old Erica Wilson book that’s full of crewel designs for chairs and pillows etc. I often wondered how they would wear in action.

  2. I got your wonderful templates and am starting with Aug 1. Very hot here in the Pacific North West USA. We are not used to this. We live in the woods and sitting on the deck with my embroidery in the shade of wonderful trees–what a delight.

    1. Thank you so much Janet, hope you find the templates easy to use. What fun, starting tomorrow! We are not used to the heat here either, it’s been really unpleasant at times but thankfully back to normal now. Thank goodness you have some trees for shade. Happy stitching!

    1. Thank you so much, yes I’m surprised by how ‘big’ it’s become. I’m really enjoying adding a little bit every day.

  3. Hallo Karen. My friend and I were very excited about your stitch journal. We decided to follow you in july. We intended to work just like you but we ended up very differently: she just made flowers (mostly) while I made things that I came along with , like houses. We enjoyed it both enormously. Thank you for inspiring us. Laura van Rossum du Chattel The Netherlands

    1. Thank you so much Laura (and friend!) – yes, best to just let the needle take you wherever you need to go, and trust the process. Those are the best surprises! I’m so glad that you’re both finding your way to make something that is unique and personal.

    1. That was a delightful warm Sunday afternoon wandering around the neighbours’ open gardens 🙂

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