A little loopy

I thought I’d invented a pretty loop stitch the other day, but apparently it already exists.

Interlaced running stitch, discovered by accident

It’s basically pekinese stitch but with the thread looped around running stitches rather than back stitches.

The long cloth in the video and below has been in progress for a while, just somewhere to collect stray stitches and orphan fabric scraps when I remember to catch them.

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Author: Karen

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6 thoughts on “A little loopy”

  1. I know I don’t do a huge amount of embroidery, but t had never occurred to me to use the blunt end of the needle for looping through stitches… so obvious when you see it… and I love your long cloth for orphan pieces, so much more civilised than just putting everything in a box.

    1. Ah, it’s a neat trick – the blunt end is useful. The long cloth has been ongoing for a long time…

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