Little tree

Is your Christmas tree up yet?

Ceramic tree on our hearth. Tree from Emily Grace Ceramics

Ours doesn’t go up until the day before the winter solstice. This is because husband and I both have birthdays before Christmas, and it can’t be Christmas until after the birthdays. That’s the rule, and a completely arbitrary illogical one it is too. Strictly speaking, it isn’t Christmas until Noddy from Slade shouts ‘It’s CHRIIIISTMAAAS’ and neither of us has heard that yet this year.

Until it’s time to haul our thirty-year-old tree out of the loft, I will make do with embroidered ones. The traveller’s blanket has a little Christmas tree panel, made with herringbone stitch and cotton perle threads:

‘Little tree, little silent Christmas tree… who found you in the green forest and were you very sorry to come away?’ – e.e.cummings, ‘little tree’

And one for the stitch journal:

Little tree

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

10 thoughts on “Little tree”

  1. your perle cotton trees on plummy cloth are beautifully stitched … and yes, our tree is up extra early this year as our younger daughter flew in to help celebrate her older sister’s 40th … but for many many years we got our tree right before Christmas and decorated on Christmas Eve … even waiting until our then little girls were asleep so Santa could do the decorating for us

    1. Oh how lovely! And what a wonderful family tradition – I love the idea of Santa staying to decorate the tree. Must have made for a magical Christmas morning ❤️

  2. I never start Christmas baking until my husband’s birthday cake is gone so I get the arbitrary rule! Love your needle work trees!

  3. We are usually the weekend before. Some of the ladies in my art group were saying how their parents would put the tree up after they’d gone to bed on Christmas Eve and they’d come down to fairyland. So special. I think it’s horrible how the kids today are just so over exposed from far too early that there’s no way it can be special any more.

    1. Yes I think the Christmas Eve tradition makes it really special. Our neighbours have two young children and their tree/lights went up the second week in November 😳

    1. That’s probably the best reason (for not putting the tree up) that I’ve ever seen 😆 And an excellent reason it is too!

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