Inventing stitches

If you do a lot of hand stitching, you can’t help inventing new stitch variations occasionally. There are lots of variations on basic stitches, and many ways to combine one basic stitch with another.

Blanket stitch tree with interlaced blanket stitch border

Here’s an interlaced/woven running stitch/blanket stitch combination, which looks best in two colours:

Sound on: Lovely Day, Bill Withers

You need to work a row of running stitch first, keeping the stitch and space between stitches as even as you can. Then you can work a blanket stitch into the gap, using a different colour, and weave through the running stitch to start the next blanket stitch.

Interlaced blanket/running stitch

A simple enough idea, and easy to stitch. It probably needs a better name though, combining blanket and running. Blanning stitch. Runket stitch. Oh dear me, no. Suggestions on a postcard please.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

8 thoughts on “Inventing stitches”

  1. When I saw this on IG, I wondered if it was an invention or just a common variation that I have never seen. Way cool!

    1. Thank you, yes I *think* I may have invented it – unless it’s already out there in the world with a different name…

  2. Karen, my internet access continues to be random and unreliable, and so my comments are at best infrequent. Your posts always fill me with delight; they are so full of beauty, inspiration, whimsy and much more. The great gifts of your skills and imagination, and your generous sharing of them, give me much pleasure.

  3. I’d be inclined to call it Karen’s biscuit stitch as it gives such a wonderfully textured edge (and let me be honest, I’m always in mind of shortbread at this time of year) … I’m bookmarking it in my Instragram feed the better to recall it as I can imagine where it might fit in to my bed cover project

    1. Haha I like Karen’s Biscuit Stitch 😋 It does make a nice edge. Look forward to seeing your version 🙂

  4. I don’t think any of us will top Karen’s Biscuit Stitch!
    Seriously, it’s delightful, and I don’t think I’ve seen it before – as you say, semi-accidentally inventing stitch variations is a hazard of some forms of stitching!

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