Week one: intuitive stitching

Another year begins, and along with it another round of daily stitching. Let’s see where this year takes us.

The last 5 days in stitch

I know a lot of people find January very difficult (here in the northern hemisphere, that is) because it’s long and cold and still dark, but I like it. January is generally quiet, after the hectic days of Christmas and New Year, and not much happens – and that suits me just fine. I’ve kept the colour palette here fairly wintery and subdued but will begin to introduce some spring colours next month.

January 1st to 7th

It’s really interesting to look at what you’ve stitched, and to reflect on what meaning you find there. When your mind is still but your hands are busy, a kind of magical insight emerges and you end up producing a pattern in which you can access your intuitive knowledge. We all know things without realising it, and sometimes it can be difficult to silence the chattering mind enough to see that knowledge. So far I see home, which is where I work now and my safe place, a light radiating peace and joy, a mountain to climb (good job I like climbing mountains) and I see paths leading to unknown places. As I continue to work on putting together an online course, I can see that my stitching absolutely reflects where I am.

Some days I prefer the back, which shows you how you got there:

The other side

I’ve been utterly delighted to see emerging stitch journals and hand embroidery from talented stitchers sharing their work in my private Facebook group. It’s becoming a lovely, thoughtful community of hand stitchers, of all abilities, connecting with and supporting each other, learning from each other, and generously sharing knowledge. If you’re working on your own daily stitching and you’d like to join, you will need to answer three simple questions and agree to some basic group rules. There are no right/wrong answers to the questions, but I do need to know a little bit about you before I can approve your request. This just helps everyone (including me) feel safe. If you’re in, you can be sure that you’re among friends.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

12 thoughts on “Week one: intuitive stitching”

  1. you steady, quiet way of going is an inspiration … thank you for the community of stitchers you have assembled in a private, safe place

    having followed your blog for the last year, the mountain caught my eye, as well as the space below it which calls a topographic map to mind

    as ever, thank you for showing the other side … de-mystifying it is sure to be a source of healing for many

    1. Thanks so much, Liz. I think perhaps the whole thing is probably a kind of map. Every day a voyage into the unknown.

  2. Your sewing looks very thoughtful and obviously means something to you. A very nice way to trace your thoughts. Good luck with the little community Facebook group.

    1. Thanks so much – yes, I guess there are many ways to find meaning in what we do.

  3. I am enjoying my spots of daily stitching. Last year I tried using stitched icons for each day, but the process felt more “contrived” and was time consuming. I think your method may just work well enough for me to become a regular part of my every day. Thank you!

    1. I saw your name and just approved it for you now, Janet. Sorry it’s been difficult for you.

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