I don’t know where the first quarter of this year went, but at least some of it is here in daily stitches.

Daily stitching, March

The whole page is about 8” x 11”.

A page for March

A few stitches every day, some more meaningful than others, some more attractive than others. Some days are like that too.

Early March

This cloth is a long strip, like last year, but this time horizontal rather than vertical. The plan is to make it into a book, concertina-style, folding the months into pages and stitching them to the spine of a cover. I’ve made a start on the cover, which is vintage linen and a lovely surface to work on. There isn’t a plan for the design; I’ve just started with some simple lines of running stitch and I may or may not add to it.

2023 daily stitching book cover in progress

The page for January will be stitched to the inside front cover, then the gap between January and February will form a valley fold that can be stitched to the spine of the cover. February and March will then have a mountain fold between them, making two pages, and so on. It isn’t nearly as complicated as I’m making it sound. I think it will work.

Seeing how it might look

April will be circles.

April, waiting

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

12 thoughts on “March”

  1. I’m totally I love with this! I wish I had been more diligent to start when I discovered you! I’m quite behind the curve, though, with no way to catch up I think. I’m looking forward to what will come.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. No need to catch up! Start whenever you like, continue when you can, and end whenever you like. There are no rules and no obligations. Just the opportunity to find a little peace in each day.

  2. I love you stitch book progress, the cover really grabbed my attention. Looking forward to the Circle of April. Happy Stitching.

    1. Thank you 😊 I’m not sure how far I will take the cover. Maybe simple is best.

  3. Thank you for your “no pressure ” approach to stitching. It brings me more peace than you can imagine. I like seeing other people’s stitching–but then–sometimes it starts making me competitive–so I stop reading them.

    1. Well, I guess that would be the right thing to do 🙂 Glad you’re finding some peace Janet, that’s what it’s all about

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