Running stitch

I’m continuing with the linen cover for this year’s stitch journal.

Running stitch on linen

I hardly ever do straight lines intentionally. I used masking tape to keep me on the straight and narrow. Initially I started with lines of running stitch to give some sort of structure on which to build something more complex. I was thinking maybe couching, or columns of embroidery, or whipped running stitch. If ever I don’t know what to do with a blank canvas, I generally find that making a start with running stitch takes it where it needs to go. And sometimes it turns out that running stitch is all it needs. I find I’m really liking the simplicity of it.

Running stitch – straight lines! Me?

Initially it was going to be just blue, but I’ve started adding some greens and some space-dyed threads that give a flash of colour here and there. I’m using fine-ish threads – nothing thicker than perle 12 – and mostly my own hand-dyed cotton and silk. I like the unpredictable subtle colour changes that you get with hand-dyed thread.

Running stitch lines

The title box is outlined with couched silk boucle. I’m not sure what the title will be yet. The heavyweight linen came from a vintage French shirt, and is difficult to stitch on – I have had to resort to a thimble, which I hardly ever use – but beautiful quality. I can’t imagine it having been a very comfortable shirt, but I think it will be a perfect journal cover.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

10 thoughts on “Running stitch”

  1. I love the simplicity of the running stitch, the way you designed the cover elevates a simple stitch to elegance.

  2. ah ha … lines of masking tape … never thought of that (I usually try to follow the lines in the linen, which can be tough on the eyes after a while) …

    I scrolled back through other “book cover” posts and confess to being curious about how you are putting this one together …

    1. Aha, yes, masking tape is a wonderful thing… It’s a concertina-type book – there’s a convoluted sentence or two in my last blog post attempting to describe how it will go together. I hope it will work the way I’m imagining.

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