Still making time

I gave myself a break over Easter. I’ve come back to the cloth that (as yet) has no name: the first in a small series about cup and ring marks, ancient circles and spirals, lines and basic marks.

Nameless cloth in progress

These lines and circles seem to communicate without words. Maybe they come from a time before language; certainly before literacy. There is a kind of magic about them, a deep and unfathomable wisdom in their shapes.

Couched spirals with running stitch and straight stitch

I’m enjoying the earthy colour palette here, and the repeating motifs.

Marks and lines

I’ve been invited to give a talk to a local stitching group and I’m just gathering together some inspiration. I’ll take this unfinished cloth too, mostly to see if anyone can help name it.

Sketchbooks, daily stitching, and mixed media all up for discussion

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

22 thoughts on “Still making time”

  1. Beautiful stitching Karen! What about “Written in stone” for a title that what I think of when see circles and spirals.

  2. How much more I appreciate this cloth having recently made my own connection to cup-and-ring marks … and realizing I too might make a sampler of sorts, even as I wonder what it all means

    1. I’m just beginning to realise that most of what I make is a sampler of sorts, part of an epic voyage through cloth and thread. These marks are endlessly fascinating.

    1. Nice! These things generally name themselves when they’re complete, so I’ll wait and see.

  3. Wish I lived closer…I would LOVE to meet you and view your artful stitching in person. I enjoy your blog and posts immensely. 💜

  4. So beautiful, Karen. Your work makes my fingers itch.
    I read your title as marking time, does that work?

    1. Thank you 😊 The colours are even nicer in real life, they haven’t photographed that well

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