June days

And that was June.

Last days of June

Long lines this month on the daily stitch journal:

daily stitching: June (7.5″ x 10″)

I’ve found this format to be quite a challenge at times. Filling a line is not at all the same as filling a box-shaped space. The path is already mapped out and you have to walk its length. A box or square – your needle and thread can meander around in it, but a long straight line knows where it’s going and you have to follow it.

June days, detail

And that’s a fair example of art reflecting life, because I also find the long summer days themselves to be a bit challenging. I like sunshine, in moderation, but not heat. I like night time to be cool and dark. Even with blackout curtains it just doesn’t get dark enough at this time of year and sunrise is some ridiculous time in the middle of the night. It’s also been unusually hot here the last few weeks, and every room in the house has been several degrees warmer than is comfortable. Sometimes I go to the local Sainsbury’s just to cool down – their air conditioning makes the whole shop feel like a giant fridge.

June days, detail

Yesterday I found a vintage Coats mercerised cotton crochet thread in variegated yellows in a local charity shop for 50p. I don’t have much yellow thread – it’s not a colour I tend to use very often – but it looked so delicious that it had to come home with me. It made a lovely detached chain stitch.

vintage Coats crochet thread

And everyone likes to see the other side, of course. Once this is made up into a book, the other side will no longer be visible. Next year I think I will return to the two-sided format where the back remains accessible. I like to see it.

the other side of June
early June days

Next month will be summer flowers. I think this could be fun.

July ahead – flowers marked with Frixion pen

I’ve reached a bit of a landmark: the end of June marks my first six months of working for myself. It’s been hard work and long hours and immensely rewarding, but I am quite tired. Next week I’m taking a social media break for a week or two, just to potter behind the scenes and recharge a little. I will still process any orders and respond to emails, but Instagram and Facebook can carry on without me for a little while. I may still post here, if I have anything to say. Does a blog count as social media? I guess it probably does, but then the pace here is slow enough to be ok.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

20 thoughts on “June days”

  1. I’m glad you now know my Daily can be a struggle!😄 But I do enjoy it. Still a bit of catch-up for me but only a few days behind now. At least my lines are only 5 inches.
    Congratulations on your first 6 months, a nice milestone. I personally don’t think a blog can count as social media in the normal sense. We hold our blogs much closer to our hearts than the flippant Facebook or fleeting Instagram.

    1. that’s true – Instagram is great but it flies along at such a pace. Feeling the need to slow down a bit for a while. And yes, straight lines are always a challenge 🙂

  2. I am so looking forward to your story of how you came to work for yourself; I am teetering on that cliff and have yet to be able to take the leap of faith needed, even though I know the rewards are there waiting for me.

    1. I’d always wanted to make a living from art but never knew how, so ended up working in various jobs while I focused on making art in my spare time. Then last year I found the Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee, which was a complete revelation – it shows you how to form a plan entirely creatively, and it made me believe I could take that leap of faith and make this work. Working for yourself is terrifying, and exhausting at times, but so much more rewarding than being employed. Good luck 🙂

  3. taking time to smell the roses … or stitch the petals … sounds like a well-deserved break from the action of your new self-employ … may you enjoy every minute! … and if blogging counts as enjoyment, well then who cares what label we put to it (although I’m inclined to not lump blogging in with the “real” social media aps)

    1. never a big fan of labels myself – let’s see what happens. I’m looking forward to being off-stage and no-pressure for a week or two.

  4. Enjoy your time off! And.. congratulations on being highlighted in The Quilt Show newsletter!

    1. thank you so much, Laura – that was a total surprise to me, and a lovely one too.

  5. Enjoy your time away and recharge. That’s the good part of having your own business you can break when you want. Your lines are so beautiful and I delight the viewing pleasure. So many different types of lines – so creative.

    1. thanks so much 🙂 Definitely feeling ready for a bit of a wind-down – and yes, the best bit is not to have to go grovelling to the boss for a week off.

      1. The lines are surely more tedious for you, but so very beautiful and a lovely contrast to the boxes. It is broiling hot here in North Carolina, but we always think of Yorkshire as lovely and cool, so it’s a surprise to hear of your heat there. Thank you for all the photos of your amazing work — very inspiring to this beginner!

        1. thanks so much – yes, I heard about the heat in the US – I expect these extreme heat events will become more and more common as the planet continues to heat up. Normal summer temperatures here are 18-22 degrees celsius, and it was about 28 for a good couple of weeks. I thought it would never end. Stay cool!

  6. I much prefer a blog–which is rare these days. Everyone seems to want everything FAST. I guess I am into SLOW–and process as well as product. Sigh! Maybe I belong to a different age

  7. Oh! How I agree with you about summer and heat. When it gets to 65F (18C) I start melting – and I wear an eye mask when I sleep!

    I applaud you for taking a break from socially unsocial media. We all need to recharge away from it at times!

    1. socially unsocial media is about right – yes, definitely in need of a recharge. Hoping it stays cooler! Heat is so tiring I find. I used to have an eye mask but couldn’t sleep in it for some reason.

  8. I love blogs and know I will be joining back in sooner rather than later. I was part of the first wave, loved it so much, and fought going to the faster moving spaces. at this point, I’ve kept insta, but nothing else & I’m happy that way. (and even insta can be too much!) you’ve inspired me a lot! also interesting about the lines versus the meander. something to ponder. (and congrats on working for yourself! how fab is that!)

    1. I agree, Instagram can be hard work. I used to blog here over a decade ago and came back to it in 2021 because I missed it. And yes, self-employment is an enormous adventure. It’s exhilarating and exhausting; you have to be responsible for everything – sales manager, post room manager, customer service manager, tech support, art director, finance manager, accounts manager, goods inwards/outwards manager, order and supply manager, strategic implementation manager (and I still don’t know what that is) and the list goes on. Not complaining! I love it. I love not having to walk a mile and a half to work in torrential rain or blistering heat. Fortunately I also like being alone, so it’s working out well so far.

  9. Yep, there’s something rather intimidating, sometimes, about the length of a straight line of stitching. I recall starting a sampler like that and rather running out of steam for exactly that reason!

    I prefer the slow speed and expansive possibilities of a blog. Enjoy your break.

    1. yes, I was surprised by how limiting a line can seem, compared with a shape. Maybe limiting is the wrong word. Just not what I’m used to, I suppose. Looking forward to a little time out 🙂

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