Letting go

My social media break so far is very productive. I have more time and rather more energy already. I’ve been able to take a little step back and review some past work, which I’ve listed in my shop here.

I had a few 4″ textile collages left over from my 100 days of winter venture a couple of years ago, which I’ve turned into square greetings cards.

textile art cards

I’ve also uncovered some work from 2020-21, one of which is called Letting Go. I don’t have any particular attachment to my completed work, since most of the enjoyment is in the making of it. Also I don’t have much storage space and I will very quickly run out of room if I hang on to too much. I prefer to let the cloths fly out into the world and find themselves a new home; it feels as if that keeps the energy moving.

older works now available

And the rest of this week will be painting. Alas, this kind of painting:

not the kind of painting I really want to be doing, but necessary

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

12 thoughts on “Letting go”

    1. thanks so much, Pam – sold out already! Will have to make some more…

      1. hope it goes well, Bernie 🙂 I’ve only got four internal doors to paint, shouldn’t take that long really

  1. I quite agree that there is nothing like the joy in making … seeing stitches and cloth coming together under one’s hands, feeling one’s way and envisioning what might lie ahead … the end result is always bittersweet …

    1. Yes, exactly that. The joy is all in the process. Always a bit sad to see it finished but very happy to let it go, in most cases.

    1. going to slap it on with a roller then back to business as usual 😄

  2. I hope the tedious painting is soon done!

    I agree, the fun is in the doing, not the having – the puzzles mulled over and the problems solved.

    1. Undercoated three doors today, top coats tomorrow. Then back to something a bit more normal 🙂

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