When I left the day job eight months ago, I thought I’d have loads more time to create. Hooray, I thought, at last I get to be a full-time artist. All that extra time for stitching and drawing and designing and sketchbook work…

The reality isn’t quite as I expected. I have a lot of tasks to complete, sometimes simultaneously, before I can get anywhere near anything I want to do for myself. This definitely isn’t a complaint. I love being my own boss, and I love the freedom that gives me. I also enjoy working, and I like to be busy.

It’s a good job because at the moment there is So. Much. To. Do.

There is a little heap of fabric scraps to sort into packs for the shop:

fabric scraps old and new, ready for making into packs

There is another pile of fabric scraps for my Stitch a Little Landscape course, waiting to be made into packs (and thank you everyone who’s purchased one, I hope you’re making beautiful landscapes with them)

Stitch a Little Landscape fabrics

There’s another pile of undyed fabrics for painting, also for the online course, also for making into packs:

luscious textures

And then there’s the thread mountain. Newly-dyed threads that need sorting, photographing and listing:

cotton and silk hand-dyed threads – some lovely colours this time

And thread taster sets, which take days to assemble:

thread taster packs coming soon

Everything takes twice as long as I think it will – I am optimistic by nature – but all of it is more pleasure than work. And dyeing is a kind of artistry too, I guess. So is curating fabrics and threads, and also creating any kind of online course. Interesting how the universe interprets and delivers your dreams into reality. It’s better than anything I could have anticipated.

I will take a break when all of this is done. But in the meantime, thank you for keeping me busy.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

12 thoughts on “Busy”

  1. Your work is beautiful Karen….the luscious colours of your dyed yarns and fabrics and the exquisitely embroidered pieces of art are unlike anything I have seen before. They are beautifully unique and I can see the care, thought and love you imbue in your work. You are an artist and I enjoy reading and seeing your posts here. “Keep calm, carry on and keep stitching!”

    1. ha, that’s my mantra: keep calm and carry on.
      Thank you so much, Jo-Anne. The results of hand-dyeing are always a surprise, no matter how many times you do it. Sometimes more luck than judgement 😀

      1. You’ve done a LoT in the time since you retired. I guess you just have to figure out if that’s the direction you thought you were headed. Love your fabrics and threads. Bernie

        1. self employed, Bernie, definitely not retired 🙂 I’m very happy making my own living – it’s just different from what I expected.

    1. it’s hard work, for sure – and takes about ten times longer than you think. And these aren’t even kits, they’re just fabrics 😄

  2. Sounds like you need a break.
    Go out for the day, breathe. Tomorrow is another day x

    1. thank you Angela – yes, I do go outside every day, and running two or three times a week keeps me sane. I find it hard to relax when there’s so much to do though; I’d rather get on top of it all before I can enjoy some time out.

  3. My most intensive (and valuable) learning took place when I was teaching … and never did I ever teach the same thing twice (which is to say, I would teach the same thing again, but in a different way) … but teaching is draining and leaves little fuel in the tank for creating, which also requires much energy

    These are, of course, good “problems” to have and it sounds like you are seeing the up-side of your new occupation … still, I hope you find your way to fallow time when you can recharge periodically … advice that is easier given than taken

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