August daily stitching

Genuinely don’t know where August went. I say this every month, I know. Every day seems to pass in a blur.

I had some reservations about this template, but it’s turned out to be my favourite so far this year.


There were lots of options for how to stitch the radiating segments but generally my preference is for keeping things simple. Running stitch is restful to work, and can look really effective.

August, detail

I was thinking about first harvest for this month – that’s grain – and running stitches/small isolated stitches look like seeds, from which all things grow. And seeds are the culmination of a plant’s annual work too, so an end and a new beginning all at once.

August, detail
August, detail

The back, as always, is a kind of map. Or a mirror, perhaps. Beginnings and loose ends, which is what life is made of.

August, back

Next month – well, we’ll see how it turns out. The template was designed to indicate second harvest – that’s fruit – berries, apples, etc – but somehow I’ve made it look like hagstones.

September, waiting

I like hagstones. To me they are magical. Let’s see how they turn out. There’s no real plan, and no right or wrong. Just days, waiting to be filled.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

17 thoughts on “August daily stitching”

  1. Wonderful stitching Karen💓 Can’t wait to see the hagstones filled with stitching.

    1. thanks so much, Pam. Yes, gave myself quite a surprise there. I was expecting fruit 😄

    1. thanks so much 😊 Yes, the fruit one’s gone a bit pear-shaped (ha, see what I did there) before it’s got going, but we’ll see how it turns out

  2. opening your email this morning took my breath away and I smiled : )
    Thank you!

    1. same here: most of the crops have been harvested, and we’ve had some welcome rain today.

      1. combines are running in the field as I write this. We’ve not had any real rain but at this point farmers don’t want it. We should send it to all the wild fires burning across Canada. Bernie

  3. Your piece is quite stunning, the stitches and colors does remind me of first harvest, I thought hagstones as soon as I saw them, I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

  4. You can make the hagstones more stonelike and more fruitlike in variation, so I think that’s an excellent template.

    And yes, months, time, flashing past. One of the high points of this year was in May, I’ve just been reminded. I hadn’t thought it was that long ago.

    1. It really does speed up as you get older. The 1980s wasn’t *that* long ago 😆
      but yes, the stones/fruits template will be interesting. Looking forward to it.

  5. That looks amazing. I’m afraid my August hasn’t even started let alone September! I think I’m a fail. Never mind.

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