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It’s taken some getting used to, thinking of myself as a business. It’s bothered me for a while that my single-skein hand-dyed threads don’t carry any branding at all, just a hand-written label. Nothing wrong with hand-written labels, of course; I like the personal touch.

I’d already printed my own thread wraps for the thread collections, which I think look ok.

But there’s nothing on the individual skeins to say they’re mine.

So I had a look online and designed some custom labels, and I’m really pleased with them. These are from Avery UK:

hand-dyed thread labels

Existing threads (everything currently in the shop) have already been labelled the old-fashioned way, but the new labels will be on my next batch of threads later this month or early next month. Avery can supply biodegradable and recycled paper labels, which I’d rather have where possible.

It won’t save any time, as I’ll still have to punch the circles and write on each label individually – in fact it might take a bit longer because now I have to try and get a sticker in the centre of the circle – but I think they might look a bit better.

I also have labels for packaging threads:

Always a slightly strange experience to see your own name printed on something…

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12 thoughts on “On branding”

  1. I am finding some threads from dyers–are not colorfast. Found out the sad way–when I had to soak a piece of hand stitching. Are yours colorfast?

    1. I don’t guarantee colourfastness, no – hand-dyeing at home is very different from commercial dyeing. My threads have all been washed and rinsed after dyeing, but I can’t guarantee that no more colour will come out.

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel. I was impressed by how easy it was to build the design. Avery was much better in this respect than some of the other custom label sites I looked at.

  2. the colors are lovely. cotton is alway a hard one to take a color.
    its the crayon in the pocket that is the most damaging.
    but why dad had my crayon I don’t know. oops
    you could make a little stamp of your moon and put it on the back side of the tags .

    1. I do actually have a stamp with the moon logo, but it’s a bit big for the threads. I use it on round labels to seal packages etc. Pockets are full of surprises in the laundry, I find. My least favourite thing is when someone has left a tissue in their pocket – shredded paper seems to get all over everything.

  3. I’m always impressed with what people put with their little packages when I buy them. It’s the little things.

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