The end of September already. October tomorrow. It really will be Christmas before we know it. No use getting ahead of ourselves here though.

September daily stitching

I think the hag stones thing turned out OK in the end. Berries, apples, or pears would have worked equally well.

early September

I think of the little unstitched space in each shape as a tiny bit of welcome silence. The world always seems very noisy to me.

mid- to late-September

Our house has recently gone up for sale, and we are looking for quiet. Not remote, as I don’t drive and I need a good post office within walking distance. But some quiet would be nice.

I really like the blue spiral – textured silk yarn couched with silk thread

It still surprises me how much thinking time and reflection time there is in daily stitching. There is nothing to do except focus on needle and thread while you let the thoughts come and go.

the end of September

The entire page has turned out to be a visual record of our decision to look for a new home. Not in any literal or figurative sense, but I can see weighings-up, imaginings, letting gos, and looking aheads. There is a kind of loss as well as a potential gain, because every beginning is preceded by an end, and every end is followed by a beginning. It’s just one continuous line really.

Next month (sing along if you know it) – the falling leaves… drift by the window… those autumn leaves… of red and gold…

October awaits

Some letting go.

Author: Karen

Textile and mixed media artist

18 thoughts on “September”

  1. September is lovely but I’m very excited to see October. Autumn leaves are in my top 5 favourite things.

  2. I love your Hag stone piece, I’m looking forward to October it gets us closer to the end of hurricane season here in Florida. Not much in the way of falling leaves or red and gold but we do lose the leaves of the Sycamore tree and they turn a lovely crunchy brown. Happy house hunting, I hope you find your piece of quiet.

  3. I love your words at the end of each month. They give me moments of reflection as well as a buzz of fresh energy for the next month. I am daily adding to my scroll stitch journal while my brain is firing up for next year and the endless pattern possibilities. Love your stitches, and thank you!

  4. Beautiful, and I so appreciate your sentiment re the space in the middle and its sense of rest and peacefulness- lovely. Good luck with the home search which can really take over one’s psyche; quiet stitching is certainly the best antidote I can think of!

    1. ha, it’s already taken over most of my available head space 🙂 but yes, a few quiet moments each day are invaluable

  5. I love your comments about the decision to sell your home. Endings/beginnings…sent that quote to my dear sister in law, they are in that space…closed on the home that they built yesterday, moving into our parents empty home while planning next moves. Good luck to you on your search! I love small walkable quiet towns-community and peace. 💜

    1. thank you 😊 Yes, in some ways will be sad to leave here after eleven years in one place, but it’s time to move on. It will be strange to get used to something new. All good wishes to your sister in law, that sounds like a big adventure

  6. October is also my favorite month. Your hag stones could also be keyhole limpets. 🙂 I love them.

  7. Although I’ve been working on other things, I think some falling leaves might be just right for my favorite month. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

    1. yes, will just have to see what happens… it’s certainly going to be an adventure

  8. C’est génial d’avoir des projets. J’espère que ce changement ne prendra pas trop de votre énergie pour les points !!! J’aime beaucoup votre travail et votre recherche.😘

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